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Creative Director 

- Welton Bastos Born in the interior of the state of Mato grosso Brazil. Found in visagism a way to express his view of the world, his desires and passions. His passage through the course of social communication - advertising, sophisticated his productions and allowed his work to be more about image construction than just hairdresser and makeup artist. Since 11 years he is a beauty artist, he creates and develops hairstyles and makeup. Since his arrival in Belgium three years ago he has become a highly sought-after professional for beauty productions, a darling of women, young people and teenagers, always connected in the new trends of fashion, beauty and hair care. For him, it is magical and charming to translate in color and cut the desire of each customer, always taking the most current look seen in fashion weeks, trade shows, fashion magazines and social networks.

"Work to make dreams come true" This is how he defines his everyday life, where he highlights it ...

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